Fix Avast Won’t Open Issues in 2022

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As a worldwide client, Avast is usually problem-free but there are many situations where the users of Avast have complained about the working of Avast. So, if you are dealing with the issue of ‘My avast is not working’ then, do not worry as the given solutions will help you in fixing the issues of Avast.

What to do if Avast is not working?

The solutions that we are going to tell you will help you when you see that the Avast Antivirus program is not working efficiently and causing issues. Read the given methods carefully and then try them to resolve your issues.

Repair the Antivirus Program

If avast wont open then, this is a method that you should definitely try as this method has helped a lot of people. You need to repair the avast antivirus program from the Control panel of the computer.

Open the Control Panel and then choose to uninstall a program. When you see avast click on the repair button and run the program again after it has been repaired.

Restart the computer

While many people think that this method will not do anything, let me tell you that restarting the computer has fixed a lot of issues and you can try this method when you are not able to use Avast without any issues. Restarting the computer refreshes the program and the computer both and resumes the efficiency of the program.

Reinstall the program

If the above-given methods are not working for you then, you can try to uninstall the Antivirus program from your computer and then reinstall it from the manufacturer’s store. This will make sure that the version of Avast you are using is up-to-date. An older version of the program will interfere with the wellness of the program and this is why you should install it again.


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